Shaving Vagina Guide

Shaving Vagina – We shave our legs, our armpits, and our bikini lines, so why not shave our vaginas as well? Some people believe that a shaved vagina makes them look immature and that only a man with a fetish would like it.

This simply isn’t true. If everyone went by this philosophy than men couldn’t shave their faces because they would look like little boys. To take it a step further, nobody would be able to do any sort of hair grooming with this philosophy because grooming makes people look younger.

Reasons For Shaving Vagina Areas

There are many reasons why you might want to shave this area. For starters, it is much more sanitary. Vagina shaving allows more air to reach the vagina and that whole area in general. It also lowers the amount of sweating a person does down there. What this means is that the entire area will smell better and will be more hygienic.

Another reason many women like to shave this area is because it makes them look more attractive in a swim suit. In addition to a good bikini shave, it is also important that vagina shaving be done.

This is because a tight swimsuit cannot cling to your body the same way when there is a large amount of hair pushing it away from your skin.

The final reason to shave is that most men love women who participate regularly in shaving vagina areas as well as the vagina. If it feels cleaner and smoother to you, don’t you think it feels the same way to them as well?

Shaving Vagina – Techniques

Vagina shaving needs to be done with care. This is a very sensitive area and although it is doubtful you can do any permanent damage with a simple razor, a mistake can be quite painful.

The best thing to do is to go slow and to start with the areas around the vagina. Also use trimmers first to get the area shaved low before you take the hair down to the skin.

Once the hair is trimmed low, it is a good idea to exfoliate the area. This is helpful for those that are prone to ingrown hairs.

An ingrown hair is caused by hairs that turn back down and grow rather than growing up and out. Exfoliating helps prevent this by allowing them to grow up and out like they are supposed to.

Shaving Vagina – Equipment

Like anything you do, it is important that you use the right tools. You don’t want to just cut the most sensitive part of your body with just anything. There are specially made clippers and razors to cut and trim this area. Below I’ll review the two most popular.

shaving vagina

The Panasonic Close Curves Ladies Shaver

personal shaverThis shaver is very well priced and does a great job shaving vagina areas as well as the legs. You’ll even find that it is makes a great bikini shaver. While it does not shave quite as close as some of the other razors out there, it does provide a nice clean look.

I highly recommend this for beginners because it is painless and the chances that you will nick or cut yourself with this razor are incredibly low. In addition to this, because the razor does not go quite as close as some of its competitors, it has a much lower chance of razor bumps.

If you’re searching for a great razor to enhance your personal grooming standards, the Panasonic Close Curves Ladies Shaver is the razor for you.

vagina shaving

The Remington WDF-7000 Smooth and Silky Women’s Foil Shaver

vagina shaverAnother option is to go with the Remington. This razor is fantastic and uses titanium trimmers and gold plated hypoallergenic safe screens to give you a super close shave without worrying about rashes and other un-pleasantries.

In addition to this, the system has a built in cleaner that also charges the razor between uses. You’ll also be able to use this in both dry and wet conditions.

Although this razor has a lot of extra options that make it a much better razor than the Panasonic, it is also much more expensive. In fact, it is about a hundred and fifty dollars more expensive.

For this reason I have placed it at number two. I would recommend that you start out with the Panasonic and if you feel you need an upgrade, to come back here and buy the Remington.